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Factory Workers Conference

Release date:2018-01-25 Author:Xin Nan Tian Technology Click:

On August 22, Monday, at 8:00 in the morning, a general staff meeting was held in the workshop. The meeting was led by Manager Zhu of the Quality Department.

At the meeting, Sun, the production department manager, proposed to all employees that “zero defects were used to increase production efficiency by 10%”. Manager Sun requested that all production lines improve production efficiency while ensuring the quality of the previous production; Lin requested this assessment. Man is manager Zhu;

At the meeting, the quality department manager Zhu proposed to all employees the significance of “quality” and explained how to do a good job. He proposed: the importance of the quality control in the first stage; the goal was to reduce the poor process in September to 1%; Lin requested this assessment. Man is the manager of Engineering Department Liu;

At the meeting, the manager of the business department Guo proposed: In the current domestic and international pressure situation, how to develop business and manufacturing factories, if they complement each other;

At 8:30, the meeting ended.

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